OKEE- because OK is not good enough.
Manufacturers with more than 30 years of experience in woodworking

OKEE provides full production process to our customers.

OKEE is a brand created by company RIGA VENEER, the factory is located in Riga, Latvia. The whole manufacturing process – from wood log to finished floorboard – is done at our Riga Veneer factory in Latvia. Our two-layer floorboards are made of birch plywood and oak veneer tops. 

12/1.5 mm parquet boards, oak veneer top layer
25.90 EUR/m2 without vat
Mixed lenghts & widths , style Riviera

Outstanding quality, fast and affordable solution in choosing natural wood floors!
We offer – an incredible combination of sizes and styles!

OKEE flooring guarantees the customer the opportunity to create their own unique style in placing premium natural wood floors in their home.

Detailed description of product: for this price we offer mixed size floorboards in style RIVIERA. You can find description of this style here

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At the request of the client we can also offer:

Products and production

OKEE- new name created on companies base with more than 25 years experienced in wood work sector

As already mentioned before OKEE operates in Riga Veneer factory, which is working since 1992. For more than 25 years we were producing best quality veneers but now our product range is expended.

Most of our products you can purchase online. Please visit OKEE shop page to get acquainted with the products more detailed.

Our clients can buy their favourite floors (engineered wood/boards, floorboards, parquet, 2-layer parquet) worldwide (covering transportation costs -1-3 eur per m2) . We will make sure that all the production and delivery process will be performed in it’s best possible way

Now OKEE can offer

Soon OKEE will also offer


OKEE is a brand created by company RIGA VENEER, the factory is located in Riga, Latvia.

Riga Veneer is a Latvian woodworking company/factory, which operates already for 8 years.

The factory was built in 1992 and then it was known as ‘’Rígas Finieru Rūpnīca’’ and was a part of German veneer producing company ‘’Danzer Group’’. But in 2008 the owner of factory went bankrupt and bank repossessed the factory. However in 2011 two (2) Latvian investors bought the whole factory with will all assets, including machines from the bank and restarted production.

Every year Riga Veneer with approximately  80 workers help manufactures up to 10 000 m 3 of wood, mostly birch and oak. After production process this number can guarantee 6 000 000 m 2 of ready product  to sell.