[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text hidden_markup=”” funiter_custom_id=”funiter_custom_5eab3d348faca”]OKEE produces and offers


12 mm parquet boards with 1.5 mm natural oak veneer top layer!



Outstanding quality, fast and affordable solution in choosing natural wood floors!

We offer – an incredible combination of sizes and styles!


OKEE flooring guarantees the customer the opportunity to create their own unique style in placing premium natural wood floors in their home.


This is what excites everyone – OKEE offers an elegant solution for your home –


19.90 EUR / m2 VAT not included



At the request of the client can also offer:


Click I4F locking system

Colouring and brushing

Fire Resistant Burnblock processing

Warm floor processing

10 year warranty