Production stages

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Selection of logs in the log yard.

Riga Veneer purchases logs from different countries –Latvia, Russia, Poland, Slovakia, and others. We store the logs in the special log yard and carefully make selection of logs by quality and sizes.

Preparing for processing and thermal treatment.

Before processing, logs should be warmed in certain  thermal mode, debarked and sawed by designated lengths.

Peeling or slicing and drying

Riga Veneer has 1 slicing and  2 peeling lines for plywood and 1 peeling line for face layer veneers. Peeling, slicing, and drying are main and  the most expensive stages of preparing parts for our products and we do it by ourselves – warranting the best quality. Processes are very complicated, because we need to achieve tolerance of thickness +- 0.03 mm, necessary sizes and humidity which allow us to make the best quality production and saves us resources for calibration of products.

Splicing, joining and repairing veneers

One of the stages is joining and splicing veneers. We do it to receive exact texture and sizes of face layers. Patching division allows us to produce plywood without holes and dark knots  not only on faces but also in inside layers (core), which perfectly fits furniture producers high  demands on having have clear material.

Pressing , calibrating, machining, manual  puttying lines

Riga Veneer have two high-pressure hot-pressing lines with gluing and pre-pressing units, what allows use to be very flexible and fast with decision and realisation of certain product. Using low formaldehyde E1 humidity proof C3   glues allows us to produce ecological and humidity proof furniture and flooring.

Set  of Saws, calibrating machines ,CNC (Biesse Rover)  and moulders machines- they prepare details for the last production stage, by cutting the planks on designated sizes and processing  necessary profiles on the sides.  For closing the open knots on the material, we use our wood masters handwork – while examining every piece, we decide which type of putty and how much will be used. After that all open knots are manually covered with putty and dried. We use human work for that in order to achieve the best results.

 Sanding,  brushing, coloring and  finishing

Sanding operations with 4 belts and brushing by 2 Tynex rolls  allows us to achieve any type of surfaces.

We implemented in our factory two  finishing lines, which allows us to simultaneously work with  oil or lacquer finishes. Water based colouring allows us have almost any colour/ tone. We just need a sample of colour customer desires!