Riga Veneer

OKEE is a brand created by company RIGA VENEER, the factory is located in Riga, Latvia.

Riga Veneer is a Latvian woodworking company/factory, which operates already for 8 years

Now shortly about history of the company. Riga Veneer used to be a part of German veener production group DANZER GROUP , however in 2011 it was sold to Latvian businessmen and restarted the production.

Every year Riga Veneer with approximately  80 workers help manufactures up to 10 000 m 3 of wood, mostly birch and oak. After production process this number can guarantee 6 000 000 m 2 of ready product  to sell.

Our main export countries for these 8 years of operation in veneer business was China, Japan,USA, Cambodia, Vietnam and Europe countries.

For 7 years company was focused only on rotary and sliced veneer production, but 1 year ago it started a new era- production of plywood, flooring and furniture. We already have all the needed material to start production of flooring and we missed only the machines. But the decision was made, machines were bought and best specialists were hired. So now we are here- entering the new market with our product. So in few words- we- Riga Veneer from a log, which just has been cut in woods-in one week can turn it into the floors, which just need to be putted in your apartment and start they serving.