User Manual for Floors and Warranty


The manufacturer offers a warranty of 10 years for installed OKEE floorboards, provided that they are used in compliance with their guidelines:

  1. The room temperature for OKEE floors need to be minimum 18°C and maximum 24°C.
  2. Humidity in rooms with OKEE installed floorboards have to be between 45% and 60%.
  3. The maximum temperature on the surface of floorboards and under floorboards installed heating system can not be bigger then 29 °C.
  4. It is not allowed to put any kinds of carpets, runners (except doormats or simmilar) or any kinds of furniture which legs are less than 10 cm.
  5. Flooring maintenance should be performed using only OKEE recommended products (list of products)
  6. To maximally prevent changing of colour and tones of OKEE floorboards, is very recommended to limit amount of sunlight falling on floors.
  7. In case of liquid of any kind spilling on the floors as well as other dirtiness (sand, dirt, food etc.)  as send should be removed as quickly as possible, if not, it can cause scratching and damaging)
  8. Daily care of OKEE floors should be limited to vacuuming or sweeping, the frequency of cleaning depends on traffic of use.
  9. After cleaning floorboards the check for any liquid stains should be performed.
  10. The floors, which are installed in the area of entrance from outside, should be covered with doormats in order to prevent dirt and liquids being on the floors (terrace doors, entrance doors etc.)
  11. Felt pads or protective mats should be applied to all pieces of furniture and other interior pieces that are in direct contact with the floor (table legs, bed legs, lamps etc). Prevents from scratching.
  12. Under no circumstances should the wooden floor be covered with PE foil or other moisture- and air-tight materials.
  13.  The OKEE floors can be renovated, by sanding and re-oiling. The manufacturer authorizes the use of oils intended for wooden floors, if used in accordance with the guidelines for their application, during renovation. The number of floor renovations consisting in “removing” the surface layer of wood depends on the depth of mechanical damage. Before starting mechanical renovation (sanding), analyse the condition of the floor and whether it is possible to carry out mechanical renovation, or not.
  14. In case of ignoring any of above mentioned recommendations will void the warranty on the material and service immediately.
  15. The manufacturer allows only for the use of sandwich boards manufactured using the floating and adhesive assembly systems, if installed over underfloor heating systems.
  16. If using the floating system, , it is recommended to use the base materials offered by OKEE. The use of other materials may result in a defective installation of the entire floor.


Warranty tickets are issued by OKEE in the moment of purchasing.

We give a guarantee for OKEE products – 10 years, including flooring, furniture, epoxy and others.

Here you can see the list of damages covered by warranty: